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Quality Control

Commitment to quality is our top priority...

"I expect from all individuals to be mobilized in a perspective of total control of the quality of our bike carriers MOTTEZ. Everyone must keep in mind these 5 capital elements :

          - Creativity and innovation
          - Productivity improvement
          - Reach the “zero flaw”
          - Safety
          - Environment"

                       Mr. Frederic MOTTEZ
                        Chairman and Managing Director

This is not a mere slogan. It is the way we do things and the key principle that guides us in our pursuit of total quality. We realise many heavy tests at every step of the development process, as everything is subject to improvement.

From design to production, the most important step is certification; it validates and guarantees the search of excellence in the field of safety and innovation.

A bike carrier MOTTEZ will never be launched into the market unless it has been submitted to this crucial process. Every production step is strictly and rigorously controlled in order to keep offering products of constant quality.

These elements stand out as a testimony of our commitment and mean that every time you buy a MOTTEZ bike carrier, you will buy it with confidence and use it in total safety. Safety is the result of the bike carrier design and development in compliance with the French and European standards.a est.