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Bike carriers compliant with French and European standards...

Mottez bike carriers comply with June 2008 XPR 18-904-4 French standard.

This standard refers to bike carrier systems mounted at the back of vehicles, it determines technical specifications and testing methods which provide both the users of bike carriers and the road users with minimum safety measures, if they are used as per manufacturer's instructions.

Our products are tested by an independent laboratory - Le Laboratoire National d'Essai. They undergo static trials on bench and dynamic trials on specific tracks under severe conditions in order to control their holding (speed bumps and speed cushions). Assembling and use instructions are also checked.

The purchase of our compliant products is the guarantee of a secure and optimized product.

Demand this compliance for the purchase of your bike carrier by checking the approval test number and date.

For example :
For the rear bike carrier MOTTEZ Ref. A025PMON