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Eco citizenship

We design, manufacture and directly sell our bike carriers from manufacturer to consumer.

Being located at Erquinghem-Lys, only 15km from Lille, in the heart of Europe, we can ship our bike carriers using as less energy as possible, thus less CO2.
Indeed, we are less than 200 km away from Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne.

  All our bike carriers are 90% made from steel (metal tube ), which is the most recyclable material in the world, as it is recoverable.

95% of scrap iron in France is collected and reused.

We design our bike carriers in our design office reducing as much as possible iron waste.


Assembling our products is often a playful task, very easy without tools.

We collect and sort out all our wastes : iron, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood. It is a way to upgrade these materials.
This saving has a direct impact on our prices.