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Here are some testimonials of customers who trusted in our bike carriers Mottez :

26 July 2012

Many many thanks for your extremely good service.
The bike rack which I ordered on Monday arrived this morning (Wednesday) .As it had to travel to Carlisle Cumbria England.
I am very impressed.It arrived in time for my daughter's holiday
Thank you so much
Hazel F.

16 February 2012
Just a quick line to say thank you for all your help and your excellent Aftersales service i will recomend You very highly.

03 Oct 2010
Subject : Bike carrier reception

I have received the bike carrier in record time !!!!! Congratulations, we are not used to that. An other positive element, assembling is very easy and the instructions are clear. Nothing left to say despite a missing bag of screws of a plastic tip (available in DIY stores)

M. Thierry G.
30 Aug 2010
Subject : Your order on

Good afternoon Madam,

I have a good and a bad news to tell you :

- Bad news : You can cancel my order
- Good news : I have found and bought your "premium 3 bikes" model in a ROADY station next door.

Enough of jokes..I would like to congratulate your company, especially the technician to whom I spoke on telephone in July
who gave me several technical informations on your products. In deed, on internet it is not always easy to have practical
Informations and technical comparisons.

This kind of contact helped me to make a decision in my technical choice and I ended by choosing one of your products.
Furthermore, I have downloaded your video (very well done) and also your PDF documentation before buying your product.

In the end : correct price comparing to other suppliers and I have already made 2x700 kilometres with 3 bikes this summer on a TOURAN and nothing to report, it doesn't move , even at 120 km/h on highway.

A piece of advice : take off the tiny padlock used as anti theft device (put an additional strap), I personally didn't use it, I have bought another padlock.

M Pierre-Claude A.
16 July 2010
Subject : Many thanks

Sorry for the delay in responding, I would like to thank you for the excellent service. I have well received my plate holder of my bike carrier and it works perfectly.
I am a former after sales manager , and I can tell you that I really appreciated your efficiency.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs Karine C.
Subject : Order

Just to let you know that I am very satisfied of my bike carrier and pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery !!!!!!!! Once again, thanks a lot !

M Céline E.
07 July 2010
Subject : Order

Good Morning,

I have well received my package today.
I would like to thank you for your fast service and commitment, I will personally highly recommend your site.
Many thanks

Michel M.
29 June 2010
Subject : Anti rotation kit

Hello, I am very pleased by the fast delivery, order registered on 28/06/10, received on 29/06/10. A very serious and respectful company towards its customers.

Marianne F.
25 June 2010
Subject : Bike trailer

I came over to sound out and see if your 5 or 6 bikes trailers could be a good alternative to those we find in Québec ?!!! and how much is the overall cost including shipping? They are just great ...easy to install... Congrats!
Concerning the 5 bikes trailer, on which wheel does the weight go and at what percentage?
wheel rails are they wide enough to insert mountain bikes in (ATB)?
Maximum load for each one is ?
Is it possible to have a time estimate of the delivery?
Write back soon and have a nice day!

Christian V.
24 June 2010
Subject: Many thanks

I would like to thank the personnel of the factory MOTTEZ for their welcome and dedication towards customers. Especially when you have lots of questions due to an American vehicle with a spare tire at the back door. My concerns were handled with such a professionalism, that is rare to find in nowadays.
Mister chairman and manager, please give regards to your personnel on my behalf and congratulations for the concept.

Christian P.
20 June 2010
Subject: 6 bikes trailer

Spare tire support received. Thank you
Now remains the wheel positioning...
I thought to put it under, at the level of the arrow next to the tow ball. But in this area there is a second fixation nylstop, the wheel side lays precisely on this exact spot, which can directly punch a hole.

What would be the right position according to you? And in case my supposition is right, what is the most appropriate solution to my problem?
Thank you in advance

Best Regards,

David G.
18 June 2010
Subject: Order received !

I acknowledge that I have well received my bike carrier and I would like to thank the company MOTTEZ for their serious job and excellent reputation, which is unfortunately not the case for our national football team !!!

From after sales service (who called me for an online ordering error) to fast delivery, everything has met my expectations.
This year, I am volunteer in co ownership, I have asked you a catalogue concerning car park fences. I have today the confirmation of my right choice.

Kind Regards

Nicolas S.
10 July 2008
Subject : Many thanks

Following my email sent yesterday, I send to you this email to acknowledge you about my order reception and thank you by the way.

Congrats for the reactivity of your after sales service which is absolutely unique ! It's the first time I see that ! It is true that customers are often seen as moaners , but in this case I really wanted to say "hats off" and thank you once again. Now I can enjoy carrying with me all the bikes of my family.

Congrats to you all and THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

M. B.
11 Aug 2008

Bike carrier (3) A009P3
Excellent French product - simple and strong in assembling - No comment !

Guy C.

Bike carrier - 3 bikes

I am very pleased to send you this message, with a slight delay, to thank you for the high mount bike carrier that you sent to me recently. Thanks to your advices and instructions, I managed to adjust it and it is not moving any more. Once again, thank you for your professionalism. Cheers.

Pascale C.
31 Aug 2007
Subject : Thank you

I have received today a plate and straps for my bike carrier that I ordered by phone.
I would like to thank you for the quality of your after sales service.

Kind Regards.

Vincent T.
03 Aug 2007
Subject : Package reception

Good Morning,

Despite some adventures due to postal services, I have received yesterday my spare part. I haven't put it it yet but I have noticed already that it stabilizes well on towing system (The problem came from the towing format of Renault).
I would like to thank you for the quality of your service : people ready to listen on telephone, advices and solutions available at technical support manager (please let him know about my message), well.. everything is perfect.
Besides, the quality of your products (that I can at last use), you can also rely on your sense of service that your company and its personnel have.

Wishing you all the best.