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2 bike towball platform carrier Premium ref. A018P2RA

2 bike towball platform carrier Premium

Fitted to towball by a clunk click system which ensures tension adjustment once and for all !

This platform bike rack carries 2 bikes.

Bikes are installed on rails and held by frame holders. To guarantee a maximum security, they are fixed to frame holders and rails by short straps.

Light board socket with 7 pins.


Price: 199,00 € TTC

  • This 2 bike platformcarrier is a tilting model which allows access to boot on 80% of vehicles. On minivans, station wagon and leisure utility vehicles, the boot is often inaccessible because of the big dimension of the tailgate which bumps into the bike carrier handle.
  •  Optimal quality compliant with French Standard XP R 18-904-4 (Report N° K011734 DE/3 of 23 March 2009
  • Quick and easy installation – No tools required.
  • This rack has folding support arms which allow versatile use of your platform : luggage, parcels, etc...
  • Rails are made of aluminium.
  • It is possible to lock the towball bike carrier with a padlock.
  • An anti theft cable with padlock is also supplied to protect your bikes.
  • Horizontal adjustment of the platform up to ± 3°
  • Rust preventive heat-hardened epoxy powder coating
  •  In order to fix carrier on towball, you need a minimum distance of 50 mm between the towball and the bumper.
  • To install the product on bolt flange towball, there must be a distance between the tow ball centre and the bolts equal or superior to 30 mm.
  • To allow boot opening, the distance between the top of the towball and the loading threshold must be equal or superior to 120 mm.

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