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Ski / Snowboard carrier on towball ref. A022P

Ski / Snowboard carrier on towball

The ski / snowboard carrier connection to towball is made by an easy and fast click system.
-> The screwable tightening handle allows quick tension adjustment

The ski /snowboard carrier can carry :
> 6 pairs of skis
> 5 pairs of skis + 1 snowboard
> 2 pairs of skis + 2 snowboards


Price: 249,90 € TTC
Product not available

  • Skis and snowboards are easily accessible.
  • Skis and snowboards are attached to the section facing the road to limit the effect of the wind.t
  • Optimal quality compliant with French Standard NF XP R 18-904-4 (report N° K091548 DE/1 of 25 Nov 2009)
  • Quick installation of ski carrier on towball. It is possible to adjust the height of support arms
  • Ski carrier tilting system allows access to boot on 80% of vehicles. On minivans, station wagon and leisure vehicles, the boot is often inaccessible because of the big dimension of the tailgate which causes a more important swerving (?) than the overall dimension of the product.
  • Supplied with padlock and security cable to offer a maximum protection to your skis / snowboards and to your ski carrier.
  • Rust preventive heat-hardened epoxy powder coating