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Single wheel 5 bike trailer ref. A352P

Single wheel 5 bike trailer

This 5 bike trailer is instantly connected to towball by a clunk click system ""easy-clic"".

Bikes fixing on rails and on folding support arms.

U turn without counter steering.

Light board socket with 7 pins


Price: 799,00 € TTC

  • Trailer's articulation system makes one body with your car and obstacles crossing becomes comfortable. Easy parking manoeuvres, no countersteering.
  • You back up without counter steering.
  • Access to the boot on 80% of vehicles. On minivans, station wagon and leisure utility vehicles, the boot is often inaccessible because of the big dimension of the tailgate which bumps into the bike carrier handle.
  • Compact, can be stood on its rear (vertically) for easy storage.
  • Included : complete licence plate and lights.
  • Equipped with two small wheels for a comfortable handling. Can be used for storing your bikes.
  • In order to install item on towball, you must leave a minimum 50 mm space between the towball and the bump.
  • To install the product on bolts flange towball, there must be a distance between the ball centre and the bolts equal or superior to 30 mm.
  • To allow boot opening, the distance between the top of the towball and the loading threshold must be equal or superior to 120 mm.

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